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We dont store your Facebook username/email/password in any form on manner. Your account will just be logged in to our server one time for generating access token and thats it. We just need your Facebook credentials to get some information about your account, like your name, username, date of birth, latest posts/statuses/photos etc. For some more information you can read the "Privacy Policy" and "Terms Of Use". Login Using Facebook: Click on the button below to log in to WefBee using your Facebook account.

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Welcome to Megsta Auto Liker V6

Megsta Auto Liker V6 is one of the best FB Liker which works perfectly on the Android operating system. If you are looking for increasing the likes of your Facebook Profile in just a few seconds; this is the perfect app which you can easily go along with. It is a wonderful free app which not only increases the likes on your FB photos and status but also publishes comments on your status as well. It is a wonderful Facebook auto liker which enables you to get 10,000+ likes every day. Few of the best features of this wonderful app are photo likes, comment poster, comments likes, post share in groups and other’s timeline and much more.

It is a wonderful free app for the Android users which you can easily download and install it on your device from the GetJar. Just install this wonderful auto status liker and enables to get 200+ likes by a single submission of your status. It auto like Facebook photo whenever you make a post or comment on it.

How to use our Facebook Liker?

FB liker is one of the most indeed things that everyone should really need to have for enhancing the number of likes and comments on your Facebook post. Here, we are providing you step by step procedure and method of using one of the best auto liker i.e. Megsta Auto Liker V6 on your device.

  • Go to your GetJar Store and then search for the option of Megsta Auto Liker V6 on it.
  • Select the latest version of this Facebook Auto Liker App and then download and install it on your device.
  • Now, open this Facebook post auto liker with the help of the app icon placed on your home screen.
  • Once done; use your login details for making a sign into your Facebook account through the help of this wonderful auto like the app.
  • Now, select all the photos which you are really wishing to boost the likes.
  • Submit all of your photos and then click on the Start button for boosting your likes just within few working minutes.
  • That’s it; you have successfully done your job now.

Working with Megsta Auto Liker V6

Once you have successfully downloaded this Facebook auto like an app; it will start to work on your described target and hence will automatically rise the likes on your photos. Whenever you will add any post, status or photo to the Facebook; it will automatically auto like status or the post and increases its likes.

Why should you only use our FB Auto Liker instead of other FB likers?

As we have previously mentioned you, it is one of the best Facebook Auto Liker Online which enables you to get a large number of genuine likes and that’s too absolutely for free. The best thing about this wonderful Facebook post liker is that you don’t need to activate again and again whenever you add a post to your Facebook account. Once you have turned it ON, it will automatically work perfectly whenever you add any post.

Features of Megsta Auto Liker V6

  • 100% free auto liker
  • Post sharing
  • 200+ likes on single submit and 10,000+ on a single day
  • Comments on posters
  • Genuine likes

Peer-to-peer global transactions In the end, the meteor enhancement of bitcoin and every other cryptocurrency in the market is not without merit. For one, it enables fast, secure and cheap transfers of money all over the world. Although many services like PayPal already process international payments, they usually require large fees per transaction. Other P2P payment services also have specific limitations, such as location restriction and minimum transfer amount. This is the reason that more business, as well as regular users, are starting to like cryptocurrency for international transfers. Not only are they safer, when it comes to users' movement of their wealth, but they are also given more freedom too. It is clear that blockchain is taking steps in different industries outside cryptocurrency. No one can argue that most people are not yet ready for decentralized digital lasers, but seeing so far blockchains progress, it will not last long before possibly following the non-adopting suit.

Today's bit coint news

Bitcoin On The Move

The above graph is line chart of Bitcoin from 1st September 2016 to till date.

The value of digital currency Bitcoin surged to $1290 on news that the US Securities and Exchange Commission is likely to approve the first bitcoin based ETF as early as March 11. Bitcoin has gained over 33 percent this year and achieved our target of $ 1216 set out in the Mecklai Graph of the week dated on 29th December 2016.

The currency has steadily rallied after US President Donald Trumps election and investors belief that Trumps economic plan will increase spending, which would grow the US economy. Indias bank note ban and Chinas crackdown on outflows also saw many investors moving into Bitcoin to shield themselves from currency devaluation and cash shortages in the market.

However Bitcoin plunged in the first week of January after Chinas yuan rose sharply and Peoples Bank of China urged investors to take a rational and cautious approach to digital currency. As per Chinese exchange, they account for more than 90 percent account of global Bitcoin trading.

Going ahead, any approval from US SEC would open opportunities for new investors with around $ 300 million expected to pour into the ETF. Currently, the SEC has a deadline of 11th March to decide on whether to approve or reject the ETF. The decision could even come at any time before deadline, which could create panic in the markets. We expect prices to continue to rise in 2017 and likely test next level of $2000. However the trade remains volatile and unpredictable, with news in China primarily driving prices.